30 Major Pre-Commissioning Steps in Combined Cycle Power Plants Projects

An overview for the major 30 steps in pre-commissioning of Combined Cycle Power Plants Projects

Here are 30 key steps for pre-commissioning of a combined cycle power plant:

  1. Verify the completion of construction works, ensuring all work is complete and meets design specifications.

  2. Dry out HRSG, evaporator, and other vessels by blowing dry air through the ventilation system.

  3. Check mechanical completion, including the removal of any temporary supports, covers or protections, and ensure that all equipment is installed correctly.

  4. Inspect the installation of electrical systems, including cabling, terminations, and grounding.

  5. Inspect the installation of instrumentation and control systems, including wiring, loop checking, calibration, and configuration.

  6. Inspect the installation of mechanical systems, including pumps, turbines, and compressors, and confirm alignment and balancing.

  7. Perform a pressure test on the piping system to ensure it is leak-free.

  8. Chemical clean piping systems to remove debris and contaminants.

  9. Ensure that all safety systems, such as fire protection and emergency shutdown, are installed correctly and functioning properly.

  10. Conduct functional testing of the electrical systems, mechanical equipment, and instrumentation.

  11. Verify that all equipment, systems, and components are in their correct operating states.

  12. Conduct flushing of the hydraulic circuit systems.

  13. Conduct flushing and chemical cleaning of the lube oil systems.

  14. Conduct flushing and chemical cleaning of the fuel gas systems.

  15. Test the operation of the Fuel Gas Skid, Firing Equipment, Ignition System, and Gas Regulators.

  16. Test the operation of the water treatment systems.

  17. Pre-commissioning checks on the gas turbine, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and steam turbine.

  18. Test the control systems and automation, including logic testing, sequence simulation, and HMI graphic check.

  19. Verify the synchronization of the electrical system with the grid.

  20. Test the switchgear and transformers to ensure proper functioning.

  21. Test the generator and excitation systems for functionality.

  22. Conduct the testing of the protection systems, including relays, trip units, and alarms.

  23. Run functional tests on the fire alarm and detection system.

  24. Test the HVAC systems for proper operation.

  25. Verify the accuracy of the flow measurement devices.

  26. Perform the testing of the vibration monitoring system.

  27. Confirm operational readiness of the control room, including the installation of workstations and the availability of all required documentation.

  28. Perform a simulated start-up to test the plant’s response to various load conditions.

  29. Conduct a full load test of the entire CCPP to verify its performance under normal operating conditions.

  30. Handover to the commissioning team for continued operation and maintenance after successful pre-commissioning checks are completed.

These steps are critical to ensure that the combined cycle power plant is ready for commissioning and operation. Each step may involve multiple tasks and sub-steps that must be carefully managed to meet the required quality standards, safety regulations, and project timeline.

30 Major Pre-Commissioning Steps in Combined Cycle Power Plants Projects
Administrator December 22, 2023
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30 key steps for commissioning of a combined cycle power plant
An overview for the major steps for commissioning of Combined Cycle Power Plants